About Yoder Brands 

We are a small family owned business located in Mount Olive, MS.


We hope to educate the public on the amazing taste and quality of our premium meat snacks. We do not use lesser grades of meat cuts, but we see the value of consistently using Beef Chuck Eye Rolls and Pork Boston Butts to make the best product every time.

Experience the flavor. You can thank us later!

Our Family Has Been In The Meat And Food Business For Over 3 Decades.

We believe once you try your first product from Yoder Brands that you will return again and again! We guarantee all of our products and know that you will be very satisfied with the great quality of our selections! We value your business and we are here to serve you.

We appreciate your business and support! Through the endeavors of YODER BRANDS, we desire to allow this to be a blessing to our local and extended communities. Thank you!


-President & CEO

YODER BRANDS was started in 2016 by Olen Yoder. With Olen’s background in meat processing, he wanted to teach his sons the trade too, so he began by making some small experimental batches that turned into products that customers tried and it went from there. The demand became higher, because our customers loved our products. Olen is an entrepreneur and doesn’t meet a stranger. He, along with his wife Charity, operate and manage multiple companies in addition to Yoder Brands. They have seven children who are also involved in the family businesses. Olen and Charity’s goal is to teach their children how to serve and help the local community with the talents and blessings that God has blessed them with. Olen and his family thank you for the opportunity to serve your family premium quality products with Yoder Brands.


-Vice President & Sales Manager

Bobby joined Olen Yoder in April of 2016 during the early experimental stages of Yoder Brands. Bobby knew this was going to be a hit from the start and he was willing to go areas and sell our products so that we were able to introduce YODER BRANDS into the world. Bobby continues to daily oversee our regular DSD route to our local stores through out Mississippi, Alabama, Louisanna, & Tennessee locations.

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